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Now you must select a new password. Your password should be something you will remember, but someone trying to break into your account would find hard to guess. You can use any combination of 6 to 8 upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation. Please note that the password is case sensitive, so 'HELLO' is different from 'hello' is different from 'hElLo'.

DO NOT USE YOUR NAME AS A PASSWORD! In fact, you should avoid using actual words at all. You might take two short words and combine them with a special character or number, as in "robot4my', or 'eye-con'. You could also put together an acronym that is special to you, such as 'Notfsw' for 'None Of This Fancy Stuff Works." Of course, these examples are now BAD passwords, since they are here. :-)

The program that changes your password will do some basic checking to make sure it follows some basic Good Password Rules. Be sure to fill in all three blanks -- hit Tab to move between them, not Enter or Return. If you get an error, read the directions exactly to see how to correct it.

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