56k Info Page

If you would like help with X2 or v.90, take a look at our 56k Help page.

EPUD.net is pleased to announce that it supports US Robotics X2 digital modems with v.90/56k compatibility. You must know that even if you have an X2 or v.90 modem, you will NOT get a 56k connection. The first reason is that the FCC regulates power restrictions on phone lines, so the maximum that can be obtained is 53.3k. But the reality is that most people will connect at much slower speeds.

There is still much to gain from having a 56k modem. Most users report that they get connections in the 40-45k range with X2 and up to 50k with v.90. This is about the same improvement that you would see if you were going from a 14.4k modem to a 28.8k one.

Here are some specific points about 56k at Epud.net that you need to know:

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