CustomerWelcome to, serving the local dialing area in and around Eugene and Springfield Including Cottage Grove, Lowell, Noti, Marcola, Oakridge, Junction City, Coburg, Veneta, Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Chesire, Lorane and a lot of other nearby towns! Wherever you are, be sure to check with your phone service provider that your dialing is toll free. Our service doesn't include long distance charges.

Below you'll find our most popular accounts. If you have any questions please call 1-800-731-4871, or e-mail us at We're here to help and happy to assist you.


DSL Account

With an DSL account, you’ll receive 256k or faster service (at least 5 times faster than dialup), along with the option of using a dial-up connection while traveling or away from home. Only available where Qwest provides DSL services. Call 1-800-731-4871 to check on availability, and we will do all the signup work for you.


Energizer Account - $15.95/month

Our basic 56K dial-up account complete with e-mail and web storage space. Great for residential and small businesses.

Power Account - $34.95/month

Your own web site hosted on our server at your domain name (for example: Great for both personal and business accounts. Comes with tracking statistics to help you manage your web site.


Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy - All subscribers must read and accept.