High Speed DSL Now Available

It’s now possible to sign up for DSL through EPUD.net. This service is available to everyone, not just EPUD electric customers. To check if DSL is in your neighborhood, give us a call at 1-800-731-4871.

Sign-Up and Tech Support Number 1-800-731-4871

EPUD BuildingEPUD.NET has made some BIG changes to insure continued great service, unequalled Tech Support and all at the same low prices! Our expanded facilities include new incoming phone lines (so our customers don't get busy signals) and the latest in mail and Internet connectivity. We now offer one easy phone number for New Customer Sign-ups and Tech Support. Call us at 1-800-731-4871 to get your questions answered and to get on to the best Internet Service in the Valley.

Tech Support Hours

Our Tech Support Staff is awesome! Give them a call if you're stumped and need some help.

24/7 Tech Support: 1-800-731-4871

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